NOW! Serving Breakfast
Monday – Friday   10am ~ 11:30am
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          Korean Braised Beef Stew (GalBeeJeem)   23           

   Korean Dinner Special       31/person

 1st Course   -  Mushroom Sherry Soup

2nd Course    -  Chef’s Delights

Crispy Lettuce Wrap, BonChon Chicken Skewers, and Kimchi

3rd Course   -   Korean Braised Beef Stew (GalBeeJeem)

Sweet Potato Soup w/ Caramelized Apple & Basil Oil     7
Shitake Mushroom & Sherry Soup   5
Organic Green Salad    7
Organic Green Salad w/ Roquefort & Beet      11
Thai Curry Shrimp w/ Organic Salad       11
Crispy Lettuce Wrap      8    
BonChon Style Spicy Chicken  12
KoMo KoMo Lunch Set    11
Sweet Potato Soup, Organic Salad and Chef’s Sandwich 
Chicken Dumplings w/Organic Salad    9
Dokboki   10

Monday ~ Thursday Only/ Lunch & Dinner

Sweet Potato Soup/Mushroom Sherry Soup
Organic Green Salad / Crispy Lettuce Wrap
Rice Bowl / Pan Seared Salmon
  • ENTREE     Lunch/Dinner  
 Rice Bowl (BiBimBop)  Vegetarian/ Beef / Chicken    10/13
Asian Noodle Salad    Vegetarian/ Beef/ Chicken         10/13
Korean Stone Rice Bowl   Vegetarian/ Beef / Chicken    12/15
Dumpling Noodle Soup w/Kimchi     11/13
 Dumpling Noodle Soup w/ Seafood   15
Chicken Skewers w/ Asian Noodle & Organic Salad             12/17
Lemongrass Pork Chop w/ Brussell sprouts, Sweet Potato & Multi Rice    19
Pan Seared Salmon   w/ Butternut Sqaush, Thai Dressing &  Arugula   22
  • Dessert
Ginger Lemongrass Crème Brule  7